Marvin Scondo – Live

Mit seiner Musik schafft Marvin immer eine innige Atmosphäre. Gefühlvoll und dynamisch, träumerisch und tanzbar…glücklich – wie tanzen im Regen!


Marvin grew up in a musical family. Songs of Muddy Waters, Louis Jordan, and the Hoochie Coochie Blues Band are his first memories. He played rhythm to these songs as soon as he could hold a drum stick. Aged fifteen he was all into the Blues. Since then he plays everyday. Hundreds of Pubs und Clubs he played with his father Steve Scondo and band. In his early days marvin invented his own authentic style on Guitar and Vocals. Harmonica player Chritopher Fecher and marvin formed Quarter To Twelve playing traditional Blues. The Big Handmade Blues Sessions hosted by the Duo have become local hot spots for live music culture. As an recording artist marvin appeared on The Basement Shuffle by Steve Scondo Band . As songwriter and musician marvin wrote a song for the benefit project ep hanau rocks on tolerance . In 2018 Marvin & Christopher recorded their debut Album „Road Trip Sessions Vol. 1“ with international Artists at Big jon Atkinson´s Big Tone Records in Bristol , TN. On the Following roadtrip east to west they played with June Core, Vance Ehlers, Rome Yamilov and many others in the Bay area. The recording of different music projects started this year. A critically acclaimed solo concert tour with only original Songs of marvin spotlighted his songwriting skills. As a true live performer marvin is on fire on more then 170 shows a year. From acoustic combos to electric bands from blues and folk singer and songwriter to genuine house-rocker and guitar player – Marvin gives a hundred percent and plays it from the heart every time he plays .


Jan 19 2020


18:00 - 20:00


AJOKI Cafébar
Johanneskirchplatz 1, 63450 Hanau